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Thats a very fun game, there is more than enough content for a demo, ill consider buying the game, still 25 eur is expensive, but maybe when the game will be on sale. I really like the game, ill rate it 5 stars.


game keeps breaking


game keeps crashing

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Actually quite nice for a demo. hope the full version will have many more features.

*added to steam wishlist*

where can i get full version

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The full version is listed on Steam, Epic or GOG!

thank you!

Zip file cannot be unzipped on Mac.

There is a mac version which is a tar file, not a zip so I'm just wondering if you have downloaded the correct file? Zip should be windows only :)

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Comparing the demo to the images above suggests the demo is way out of date though that might be a good thing as the demo was pretty basic since the people had little more to do than collect resources (which they did more than enough of) since you as the Lord placed all the blocks... maybe an update of the demo is in order?

Edit: should have said though that the demo is quite good fun anyway, very relaxing and low pressure - enough that I majorly redesigned my village at least four times on my first playthrough and had only just finished the final update when the quests completed!


Thank you! :) We currently have no plans to invest into making an updated demo, as we still have a lot of work on the early access version so regarding updating it unforutnately we can't promise anything at this moment.

Thank you for taking the time to reply! :)

I can understand your motivations, I guess some workflows allow for earlier versions to function as demos for games and other workflows don't lend themselves so easily (and I guess game style also has some impact, maybe?) - but I'm not about to judge! If I knew the best workflow for programming games then I'd be a billionaire by now rather than hacking around with mods, content packs and scripts in my spare time! ;)

In our case it is less question of architecture and technology and more of design and planning. It is not an easy process to decide what would be a good demo experience for our game, epecially now that it is on sale and it is important to get it right! So that is the main reason why we are not prioritizing it currently :) 

can you make a detailed tutorial on how to make such a game?

pretty good game its too bad im broke and cant buy the full game

anyone how to make planks

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I'm gonna try playing the game but i'm just curious as to how you got the idea to this game also i'm having issues placing beds inside houses so please help
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nvm figured it out somehow

when i try to play the game i cant see the screen wtf


Its so friging addicting! i play it since half a year now and i love t!

honestly, its very hard for me but i've gotten the hang of it great graphics and btw the best i played so far

Cant we play this on android?


I played for a few hours and completed the demo. I really enjoyed it! One thing, I really struggled with making enough meals. I tried to optimize the production the best I could. Bread and meals fell short, and once everything was installed in that production line, fish started to fall short aswell. I needed more bakers and cooks, and fish traps.

As I said though, really enjoyed it and cant wait for the game to further evolve!

Thank you for your kind feedback! Happy to hear you had a good time :) In the early access version we put a lot of effort into making the production chain feel smoother so that should get better already :)

one of the best village building/management sims out there. i absolutely loved it. one of the few games i can play on my low end pc. i really cant wait for the full version to come out

Thank you so much! We are so happy to hear that people have so much fun with our game. And good news - the game will be comming out in early access in just two weeks! 😁 You can visit our Steam page for more details:

Already wishlisted it buddy. just wanted to ask how to get yarn/silk(stuff used to make flailing spots and fishing nets)?. i ran out a long time ago, not able to figure out what makes that stuff. please help me

If I remember correctly in the demo there is no way to get more yarn, we were not far enough in the development to add tailors and sheeps back then unfortunately :)

ok..cant wait to play the full version. pretty hard to play on a limited amount of yarn

Seems when i assign a family to the mills they dont work at all...Is this a bug or how do i get them to work?

There is a possibility of a bug but here are the common requirements to make the family work:
- There needs to be an accessible mill structure in place within the boundarie of the zone
- The zone must be assigned to the miller family
- Enough grains must be available (if I remember correctly it is 8 grains for one flour in the demo

Let us know if this helped. If this is a bug I am sorry for the bad experience :(

i put the mill inside a building with the wheel inside and the windmill outside and assign the proper zone and a family to it and does not make anything and no one ever goes in..i even put a barrel used to store food stuff in there and nothing

Okay so i did some testing and its not a bug..i was not assigning a flailing spot to make grain to make the flower in the NO BUG there

Glad to hear it works! The game can be quite hard to figure out sometimes so we were putting a lot of effort into a well structured tutorial for the early access release. I hope that will explain things more clearly :) 

its my fault actually.. im use to games that dont take that extra step to turn wheat in grains. im use to plat wheat grow wheat harvest wheat mill wheat lmao

I really like this game, Its very fun and it entertained me for hours. I would like to see the update take place.

When is the update coming out? I just want to know the future of this game

Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words :) The early access release is planned for the end of summer / start of autumn. You can also join our Discord community, from time to time we recruit new members to our closed beta team who gets to play our game early! Feel free to come and say hi! :)

Discord link:

i will see, i hope the games future is bright. I only hope the best

Thank you! ❤

I just finished the demo today, and cannot wait for the full game! I had so much fun playing and would love to play further!

It always makes us very happy to hear people have so much fun with our game ^^ Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the game!

now I just feel like there's a hole in my life, are there any other games like this I could play?


I would recommend Rimworld or Prison Architect. Those were our biggest inspirations :) If you want to stay close to the medieval setting, Banished is also great!



had an insane amount of fun been playing this for like, hours today just continuing to build and build ! its a lot of fun :) im really looking forward to the full version and support you all the way! thanks for such a fun demo

That is an insane amount of appreciation thank you! If you want to support us now you can wishlist us on Steam or come say hi on Discord! ^^

of course! i wishlisted the game on steam and joined the discord <3

Wohoo! :) Thanks!

please, I beg you. finish the game and post it on steam.  I just finished the demo. Its so much fun!!!

Thank you! :) We are working very hard on the game and plan to launch in Early Access in few months. You can wishlist us on Steam ^^

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Loving the game and this is right up my alley, but there is one problem I've come across- my GPU's cooling can't keep up (shoots up to 90 C within minutes), which doesn't make sense as it's able to handle things that should have a higher demand. Might be because I'm on Linux and am running this with Wine because there's no Linux port, but it's still worth noting just in case, especially since other games aren't having this issue with Wine on my laptop.

Edit: Interestingly, it drops down to 70 C after the first 10 minutes or so.


Hello :) Thanks for the kind words! We have a lot to work on in terms of optimization. I'm not sure how much of that can be contributed to running on Wine but we will try to improve things over time as we go through early access :)


uh so first of all great game, prob the best free game on itch, only problem i have run into is a glitch in which my cookers start cooking then instantly stop. i can't progress from this point.

Hello! Thank you for sharing your feedback! :) We are happy you like it so much. We are sorry you ran into a glitch like that and can't progress. We are focusing on the early access release of our game and where we want to address these issues as well.


Honestly Games i do have to say you made a better game than some triple A company's love you work!!!

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Thank you! ❤ We really enjoy making this game and words like this make it very special for us!


Hey everyone! 

Just started playing this game and Its so much fun! I cant wait to see and hear more from it. Just doesn't feel like much of a demo as I had quite a lot of content that I could showcase and didn't even finish the demo.

All the best to the devs and hope they get to finish it!

Thank you for watching.


Awesome! Thank you! :)


I just downloaded the game but I can't place the fishing rod anywhere.

Is this a bug or is this done on purpose?

you have to turn the rod until it faces the water

ohhh ok thanks!

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I have now played 3 playthroughs and I have got say that I REALLY like this game. The Idea and Art is very good

But there are a few things that could be tweeked:

I think it would be better if families moved in every season, what i mean is that at the start of summer for example you get a screen with 3 families, with diffrent proffesions, from which you can choose if you let them move in or not.

Rightnow there arent to many decorativ stuff or diffrent building materials, there don't need to be many but for example clay would fit perfectly for the time era for building.

And more proffesions like a potter who makes pots which you can use as decorations

Other than that its a great game!

PS: sorry for my English


linux plz

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hi, just downloaded the game and I would like for a more efficient profession system. having to continuously make new homesteads because a baker family of four just moved in is slightly annoying. But yeah, keep up the good work

Hello! Can you please share more what would you like to see as a more efficient profession system? We have some longterm plans to do this a bit differently, but expanding the settlement with the arrival of a new family has always been an intended core loop of the game :) Appreciate the feedback!

Sorry for ignoring you, but I think that being able to set when you want a family to come for example, inputting a “arrive in X amount of days” and maybe you can manipulate it, or put up a job board asking for a certain proffesion of family that may or may not be fulfilled

This game is so fun! I'm absolutely addicted and I'm thrilled for the early-access version to be released to the public. Looking forward to the next update!


Sorry for being late with the reply but oh my god thank you! It is very nice of you to say that! If you would like to see what we are working on right now, make sure to visit our Twitter! :) I will also try to write a blog post here but we are very busy currently and I have not been able to keep up with the blog posts.

I think I encountered a bug in the game, I can't place a fishing pole. Other than that the game is great.

Sorry for the late reply! Just checking in if you have been able to resolve the fishing pole bug? We have not been aware of any issues, but there are some limitations. The fishing pole needs to be built on the shores and you need wooden rod in your resources (you get it from cutting down trees). Thank you for the compliment as well! :-)

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i love this game so fare but i think just an idea if you could add a cinario about you repairing a castle with stone blocks and rearming it with wepons like swards and giving it enough food and other supplies.

(also maybe you could make it so the castle is somewhere on the map)

Cant wait till production is completed! will definitely be buying this when its released on steam. 

Thank you for a very nice compliment! 

Hey i downloaded the game, played it for like a day, very nice concept , i like the idea of managing dynasties and fiefs. I think, i encountered a bug or maybe the game is not supposed to go any further  dunno. My blacksmith dosn t produce any swords even though he has all he needs to, both ingredients and crafting tables.

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I see this game having great potential, trying it out on here first to get a feel for it but i will be getting it on steam as this kind of game is right up my alley so to speak.

Edit: will absolutely be getting this on steam once is is available!

Woohoo! Thanks for very nice words! :)

Not a problem!

I could definitely see this game being something I'd play for hours. It's exactly my kind of thing!

I'd only recommend a (maybe optional?) tutorial that gives players a decent starting point for their first game. I had to restart a couple times when I realized, for example, I'd made land plots too close together and failed to account for the families' professions because I was just trying to give everyone shelter. Oh, speaking of which -- it's a bit odd that walls for shelter are optional.

That's very lovely to hear thank you! These issues should be fixed in the future updates. There will be a tutorial scenario and also serious implications for not having walls in buildings.

hi, i don't understand how to harvest bag of wheat, i built a flail and mill in the farming zone, the wheat seems to be fully grown, but still nothing happen

Hey I just downloaded the game and i can't go up

Hello :) Can you please explain that in more detail? What does it mean that you can't go up? Thanks!

looks good but we will see when i play lol

Thanks ^^ Let me know what you think! :)

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okay here's my review lol

over all its an okay concept there are few things needing smoothed out such as getting rid of the selected item in hand can be finicky often having to press and unpress a button option i dont actually need in order to deselect

doors should auto delete a wall as you place it. this is more of a creature comfort.

but my biggest issue is i dont feel like a lord but more of very busy mayor. a lord has people to do stuff such as build the homes and figure out who has what job or who owns what land there are times when a lord involves himself things do need his seal at times but a lords job really is more administrative. villagers build there own houses lol this is more of a colony building/ logistics game with a royal theme to it. also a lord would never know the name of some simple farmer thats just never happens. why i know the names and faces of my villagers is beyond me, in those times i might glance at you in passing but you would be damned lucky if i decided to do so.

anyways i dont know what your veiw for this game will be but ill check in again in the future see whats what. ill probs stilll continue to play its just not what i would call being a lord of the land would be

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Thanks for the feedback :) I really appreciate it and helps me build a better game! To address the points you've raised, I can absolutely see where you are comming from. In the demo I focused only on the core gameplay loop of expanding your settlement by building and making resources to build more. I designed the demo as a minimum viable product to get feedback early so a lot of that lord fantasy elements are missing.

Now that the core loop is there, my plans for the next updates will try to emphasize that bit more. A major difference will happen once villagers will own their own harvested resources which the player can collect as a tax. Villagers will then also be able to use those resources and build their own houses while you define the layouts much like in other games like Rimworld or Prison Architect. I will also focus more on the zone management aspect as you will be able to define what type of crops they should be planting, change priorities or manage tax collection policies. 

Much later in the development I also plan to add public events where you enact the ruler fantasy even further by making lasting decisions about their future. They can approach you to resolve conflicts, to give blessing to their marriage proposals, you could throw down festivals, enact policies and simmilar situations but features like these have a long way to go right now.

Regarding why the villager names in the game have their place I feel that it makes it easier to recognize villagers individually as you make decisions about them. Even if the lord might not remember the names of every villager, they (or rather their  servants) would still keep records about villager's criminal activities, taxes and such and those names would be available to them should they choose to learn them, much like in this game are available via various UI elements in the books.

Regarding the deselection issue, I implemented the ESC button functionality for this reason but I need to emphasize that more to players since it is not very clear. You can also let me know if you would prefer a different way of solving that issue. I will also make sure to add the door-wall replacement functionality in the next update :)

Thank you for giving it a chance and providing your feedback. I am vary happy you decided to play it and would love to have you around as the game develops further. Consider following me on social media for the latest updates! (

Wish you an awesome day and happy landlording! :)

the best deselect button layout ive seen is diselect on right click. usually deleting structures has a button or option somewhere on screen. im used to being able to deselect or exit out of something with right click but im not sure if thats just me. i play alot of city management games like this and thats a common feature,

ill deff follow on  but unless your on reddit i dont really do social media so i dont got any accounts on anything lol unless your on youtube

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Yeah, I kind of felt like the above poster. I was thinking something more like the management of like Majesty where you don't have direct control. Personally i think it would be cool if you could just allot land to a peasant for a specific task like farming and it was up to them to manage it and the only way you control it is by dictating what taxes you want. low taxes maybe they invest more in their house or something, high taxes less so, maybe you demand taxes paid in wheat or carrots which might affect what they grow.

and you were just responsible for building your own manor. which i think would offer interesting gameplay, you have to extract from the peasants to acquire resources to build your own castle/manor whatever, which creates interesting friction.

But it's not my game obvi and im sure you have your own vision and all this being said, I'll probably still play it when it comes out.

Hello! Thank you for very valuable feedback! This has been popping up especially recently so it is certainly on my mind. I would love to give players a lot of possibilities for self expression and creativity but I also want to emphasize the lord experience that does not fly in the way of micromanagement. Currently I'm thinking of making that optional, so villagers could be autonomous in planning their own buildings but players could also lay down plans like you are used to from Rimworld. I will have to do some playtesting before I fully commit to this idea :)

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